• David F. Balog

    David F. Balog was born, raised, and still lives in the Greater Cleveland area with his cat. He grew up in the libraries of Lakewood and Parma, and his babysitters were the creatures of the Cleveland Aquarium. Ever inquisitive, he dove deeply into science, paranormal studies, mathematics, and mythology at an early age, and never let go of the idea that they, and other studies, were all tightly connected.

    An avid reader, particularly, but certainly not limited to, science and science fiction, David always sought to learn more about the world. His personal studies eventually clashed with his scholastic teachings, causing him to reject traditional academia for a time. Years later, he would attend Cuyahoga Community College, Ursuline College, and Cleveland State University, eventually earning a Master's Degree in History. All through his studies, he continued to focus on the theology, mythology, and fables and how they connected societies throughout time and regions. Though the stories and characters change, the underlying truths always remain the same: primarily, the constant striving of individuals to become better people.

    At long last, it fell on David to contribute his own stories and mythologies to the public consciousness. With the experience of developing characters and worlds combined with writing numerous research papers, David began work on his first novel: Necromancer’s Lament, the first in a planned trilogy.

Works of David F. Balog