David F. Balog

David F. Balog is the co-founder of Owl Talyn Press and the author of Necromancer's Lament and Necromancer's Sorrow.


H. C. Kilgour

Growing up, you were just as likely
to find Haley playing outside as you were to find her with her nose in a book.
She particularly enjoys books focusing on worlds of magic and adventure.

Often joking that she’s part
mermaid, Haley pursued a marine biology degree from the University of North
Carolina Wilmington, graduating in 2017. She then proceeded to attend the
University of Miami earing a Master of Professional Science in marine
conservation in 2019.

With an English father and an
Italian-American mother, Haley had a colorful upbringing in Charlotte, North
Carolina, which she has accentuated by traveling as much as she can. And, of
course, she SCUBA dives whenever possible.

She says her biggest inspiration
for writing is that she simply needs her characters to be quiet, so she can
think. Currently, she divides her time between writing, scuba diving, her
loving friends and family, and work.