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Owl Talyn Press



H. C. Kilgour
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Twenty fingers from their birth we must count until the revolution begins sparked by the one of all elements.


           The Child of Prophecy is the only person strong enough to topple Caius Alagard from his ill begotten throne, and that person might just be Keegan Digore. When Keegan arrives in Arciol via a Nanagin, a rare and unexpected event, the world is turned on its head. Confused, Keegan sets out to do nothing more than survive the catastrophes that seem to follow her.

           Along the way, she finds help in some unlikely places—the king’s son, an elite soldier, and a shepherd—but she is in no position to decline. There is one place she will be safe: the Lazado, a rebel group on the other side of the magical border that prevents from Caius from dominating the entire world. However, fate will not make the journey easy for Keegan and her companions.

           Death follows Keegan like a bloodhound, chaos is her guardian angel, and the rulebook has been thrown out.

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